Monday, 18 August 2014

Stegy update

Stegosaurus - trying to keep things simple

That logo needs work I think...... also I think I'm going to remove clap and clave and keep things simple with just four different sounds, kick, snare and whatever else if I want more sounds I can always use two instances of the plugin or mix it with another drum machine that uses PCM samples or a different synthesis method, variety is good, and as I've chosen to go down the same route as Triceratops and have one port per parameter (why have a synthesized drum machine without fully dynamic automatable parameters) having only four sounds will reduce the number of ports needed considerably.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Working on Stegosaurus after a long break

After a long rest from programming I'm back and fiddling with Stegosaurus, my drum machine plug in, need to think whether I want the sound engine to be purely synthesized or hybrid synth/sampled.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Triceratops V0.2.0 Released


Added more presets and re-categorised previous ones where necessary.

fixed sound cut out during some presets that used square / pulse width

as of v0.1.9 onwards the resonance filter is subtly tweaked between left and right (this probably will become a parameter at some point and be editable) which has created a nice rich sound

Occasional clicks and pops remain which I'm determined to iron out over the next few versions,, they are relatively few and far between now compared to older versions at least

Triceratops V0.2.0 can be downloaded here