Monday 31 October 2011


Finally took the plunge into the world of software synthesis and am now working on my own synth project, yusssss!, something I've wanted to do for a long time, my aim is to create a flexible routing (semi modular) synth that has a smooth character, I.E. with no steppy transitions that are so characteristic of many digital emulations of analogue subtractive synthesis, my knowledge of digital filtering isn't up to much (and probably won't improve a lot either) so I borrowed some open source code for the 24db resonance filter, what I lack in knowledge of filtering I make up for in having a good ear, I've used real analogue synthesizers for years so know how they should sound, fat, full, liquid and fruity, rarely reedy and thin unless you specifically set them for that kind of sound, I've also inserted a simple bass boost filter before the lowpass to enhance the bottom end to give the digital oscillators that bit more fatness. I wan't to keep things as simple as possible so I'm intending to have only one type of oscillator which ranges from very low frequency to very high, this will have multiple uses as it can be used for both audio and modifying other signal paths, so far it has sine, saw, square and triangle, these were generated at 1hz for smoothness, next I'll add a pulse width control and white noise, as the oscillators can operate at low frequency the white noise generator can double as a sample and hold feature (slow random mod changes), might be interesting to add an inertia option to this to get different effects, so transitions would be tempo synced but evolving smoothly rather than a sudden change on the beat, see this is the flavour of the synth I wan't smoooth and elastic, but also rough, ragged and warm.

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