Wednesday 23 November 2011

Unnamed jackMIDI sequencer I'm working on

Making progress on my jackMIDI sequencer software, early early days yet, but nice solid timing, maybe some may think there are enough sequencer progs outs there already, but this is linux more choice has to be good doesn't it? I'm still undecided whether to integrate soft synths and effects into it or keep it purely plug in driven, I want flexible routing capabilities similar to Reason in windows, I've been lazy and not looked at LV2 / DSI / LADSPA at all, something I need to do soon. I can imagine a rack system similar to reason but using only external plug ins, and with jack's flexible audio routing it could be a really nice set up, I think I'm erring in this direction for the moment, I'm hopeless out of my depth programming wise and enjoying it.


  1. Just compiled and tested a demo LV2 plug in from "LV2 for idiots" website, it segfaulted, good start eh.

  2. okay take that back, it segfaults in lv2rack but works as expected in Ardour.


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