Sunday 22 January 2012

Triceratops synth now with added BPM locked LFOs

Will be uploading source soon I just want to make a patch / preset section first, going to look into the proper way to do this for LV2 plugins and if I'm not happy with that (or can't understand how it works lol) I'll do the same method I used on Minaton for now.


  1. Awesome, looking forward to this !!!

  2. You could steal some widgets from Calf, btw :) You are writing this in GTK+ anyway, no? :)

  3. There's a thought, yep I switched to GTK, FLTK & LV2 was a none starter and to be honest I'm glad I did in the end anyway. I wasn't sure if the calf plugins were open source, I'll go and have a look then :o)

  4. Thanks to your fun and funky synth, I've been creating some wild sounds.

    This gets a bit nutty and harsh, but I hope you can appreciate the depth I'm getting out of this synth.

    I have some notes and suggestions if you're willing to hear them.

    Also, where do I donate to you for your work on Triceratops?


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