Tuesday 13 March 2012

I've fixed some issues on Triceratops LV2 but having trouble getting it to work in Ardour 3, I'll probably upload what I've done so far after making a few more presets and tidying things up, Ardour is meant to load and save presets but I can't get this feature to work so have implemented my own system within the plugin (temporary but works), and Jalv also crashes on loading/saving preset, the most solid LV2 host still to date for me is Zynjacku which runs everything I throw at it. Deciding to code a DAW around LV2 has slowed me right down to a crawl as it's all in heavy development still and is complex to understand, it's ambitious and amazing it's definitely beginning to do things for Linux music making that could see it surpass windows in some ways (personally I think Jack already is nicer to work with than ASIO anyway). At the moment I think I'll make one last attempt to use LV2 as the base for my sequencer programme, I'll delve into more source code of other projects and hopefully things will click, if not I'll write a Propellerhead's Reason style self contained version till things settle, though even then I'll add plugin features later.

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