Monday 28 May 2012

Triceratops has an echo

I know there are plenty of other (more versatile) echos out there available as plug ins but it's nice to have some effects built in to a synth to spice up patches and provide some form of stereo, I will be adding more parameters to this and adding chorus, distortion and maybe glitch effect panels let's see :o)


  1. Hey Nick, where can we get code for the latest Minaton and Triceratops ? Your screenshots show later versions than what's available in the tarballs and I'm eager to try those synths. :)



  2. thanks for the interest :o> will be uploading the new version tomorrow, will be setting up a GIT repository soon, keep meaning to do it.

  3. cool news, thanks, but alas, i still see only the earlier versions. i don't mean to pressure, i'm just curious about your work on these synths. linux always needs new synths. :)

  4. My bad, sorry about that, I have done some more work and the coding's done I just want to make a few demo presets to go with it before I tar it up, these are to use in Jalv / Ardour, not sure how other hosts load them, research needed.

  5. cool, thanks for the note, nick. i'll keep checking in on activity. i'm building A3 daily, i can test the synths on the latest ardour, also qtractor-svn.


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