Wednesday 27 June 2012

Working on Minaton v0.1.0

Working on Minaton at the moment, a total rewrite using much of the code from Triceratops, so hence the version jump, the main distinction being that where Triceratops uses MinBLEPS for oscillators, Minaton uses wavetables (and libsamplerate). I'm thinking of ways to give it it's own distinct sound and character, I can certainly add more waveform types, and need to look into different modulation methods suitable for wavetable synthesis. The GUI will be tabbed because that seemed to work out well for saving screen space without impeding user friendliness and functionality.


  1. Hi,

    I'm about testing Minaton and Triceratops. Compilation without problem. But How can I load one of this software. I have test Zynjacku and LV"rack with no success.

  2. When run from a terminal are there any errors, wav/glib files not found etc.? It should work from Zynjacku without any issues if the programme is installed in ~/.lv2/

    I'm working on newer versions that will install in a more flexible way.


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