Monday 19 November 2012

Changing distros

Have been stuck in the process of moving distros for a few months, lately I've gone from Debian to Fedora To Ubuntu, but have never been entirely happy there's always been a little niggle here or there, Unity/Gnome shell/Cinnamon are coming along but just not finished enough for me yet and seem to take up more CPU/GPU power than they really should for what they do, my (slightly underpowered) laptop was running warm all the time, and with Ubuntu especially I noticed a slow down after long periods of use that required a reboot, sod that I thought I left that behind with windows, yesterday I stuck Mint KDE on and this seems to have solved both problems, while still providing some bling (and a whole lot more customisation) I've enjoyed the two days I've used it so far, and nearly have all my music software set up again how I like, I chose to compile the majority of them to give me the newest versions and luckily haven't hit any issues so far. I like the way the Mint KDE team have set things up by default and the way you can just click in situ to install new themes and icon sets etc, I'm not crazy about the menu but this can be changed easily, hopefully nothing will come along to break things and I can get on with some serious programming again.

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