Sunday 30 June 2013

Triceratops on

There's now a triceratops page over on the Amsynth website along with some demonstration sounds, the site has a growing range of links and summaries of many Linux synths worth checking out.


  1. Hi Nick,
    I'm going to be adding more demos and patches for Triceratops to my site. I wanted to ask: -is there a way to control/change the pitchbend and mod wheel settings? (Pitchbend is set at a fifth (iirc).) This synth is really nice and I want to give it more exploration in the coming weeks..!

  2. As usual I'm slow getting updates on sourceforge, I've made quite a few useful (I think anyway) changes for v0.1.8 while keeping things as compatible as possible, should be quite a bit more efficient CPU wise and have rewritten the preset widget from scratch (now has categories). I will see about see about adding a pitchbend amount parameter, should be easy enough, I will try to get it uploaded some time this weekend.

  3. Cool! Thanks!
    Btw, is there a git repository I can add to Synaptic to get the latest updates automatically?

  4. oops only just saw this, I did have a git set up in the past but let it slip and need to do it again, will try to sort it again


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