Saturday 15 March 2014

Working on Stegosaurus - Analogue stylee synth drum machine lv2 plugin

With two updates out of the way for triceratops I'm working on my long neglected drum machine plugin, Stegosaurus, this is a total rewrite as the first version got messy and unmanageable but progress so far is going quite well and it's already making what I think is a very tasty kick drum with deep bass and a satisfying attack. I've added a new envelope widget to my set so rather than separate faders for attack, decay etc. it has one widget with four points and lines joining them, each drum sound has three oscillators, each oscillator has its own envelope for volume, pitch and filter and is capable of various waveforms. Now the basics of the audio part are there I need to flesh things out and put together the GUI and the plugin code.

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