Thursday 13 October 2011

Sweet leads using Doepfer Dark Energy

To my analogue loving ears the Doepfer Dark energy synthesizer is the nicest sounding modern analogue synth, it blows Blofeld away which to me has that typical digital-faux-analogue modeled sound, yes maybe the latter is polyphonic and has more routing possibilities but in the end none of that matters to me you can get all that from a software based plug in, and when the actual sound is lacking something special I can't put my finger on, yes it's the warmth, richness and fluidity that only a true analogue seems to produce, I can listen to them all day without feeling my ears and brain feeling they are being sanded till bleeding point, the Dark energy reminds me of my Sequential circuits Pro One in sound only fully USB and MIDI and small, with lot's of jacks, has to be love at first sight, at the moment it goes straight to the top of my list of eventual buys.

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