Saturday 31 December 2011

LV2 Minaton v.0.0.2

First alpha version available for download here. Few bugs yet, it works best in Zynjacku, seems to take more CPU usage in Ardour than it should, the interface is sluggish in Qtractor (maybe because it's a QT based host), with Jalv the background image is a little out of line and the preset system doesn't work, does work to create a sound from scratch though. I'll do some more work on it soon..


  1. You know, I quite like how it sounds :) As for UI, the only thing that really bothers me is vertical labels. They are barely readable. If you can avoid them, for the love of god, please do :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback ;o), I'm guessing you probably have a higher resolution screen than me they're very clear on my laptop, it's difficult to know how to fit all the labels in while keeping the GUI small enough, I already want to make my plugins skinnable so I'll see what I can do.

  3. Well, it's probably not that fancy, but you can do what Ardour has been doing for ages for the generic LADSPA plug-in UI: put labels inside sliders. That will save you quite a bit of screen estate.

  4. I think that could look okay if done well, with a decent font

  5. BTW, 0.0.1 is corrupted or something.

    gzip: stdin: not in gzip format

  6. erk works in Xarchiver on gnome, let me try from command line.

  7. just tried tar -cvf minaton-lv2-v.0.0.1.tar.gz minaton-lv2
    and it decompressed okay for me.

  8. Oh well, SourceForge is returning broken files. I've just tried both Chrome and Firefox, and I tried different projects (not just Minaton): all archives just don't open.

  9. very strange I downloaded AMS lv2 plugins yesterday n that worked, hope it works again for you soon

  10. Hehe, "minaton-lv2-v.0.0.1.tar.gz" is an ARJ file - haven't seen any of those in years ;)

    @nickbailey: that tar line compresses the file rather than uncompresses dunnit ;) Anyway nice synth, thanks!, if I could get it working :/

    I have issues loading my happily compiled LV2 plugin in any host (here via zynjacku):

    Unable to open library /home/stonecut/.lv2/minaton.lv2/ (/home/stonecut/.lv2/minaton.lv2/ undefined symbol: src_delete)
    Failed to load LV2 plugin http://nickbailey/minaton

    Other LV2 plugins work fine. Can you help ?

  11. Ah I think I'd better learn how to use tar and gz "o) but at least the archive wasn't corrupt.

    Okay the other problem is strange, I'm only just learning how to write makefiles too, but I think this problem is a libsamplerate mismatch, which version do you have? I'm wondering if either mines newer and is using a new function, or older and using a deprecated one.

  12. "Failed to load LV2 plugin http://nickbailey/minaton"

    The same problem for me in zynjacku. It loads in ardour3-beta-1a though.

    $ dpkg -l |grep libsamplerate
    ii libsamplerate0 0.1.8-1 Audio sample rate conversion library
    ii libsamplerate0-dev 0.1.8-1 Development files for audio sample rate conversion

  13. Hah, have you seen this ?

    P.S. The design of this site is severely broken. On my iPad it's basically impossible to comment and I get the strangest artifacts via Chrome on PC, too.


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