Monday 11 March 2013

Triceratops V0.1.5 released

Another update to include a preset loader within the plugin, presets saved to the local directory will show a "." before the file name, preset list can be scrolled up or down by right clicking the arrows either side of the word "preset" just above the list, right clicking the list updates the list, there are also some minor cosmetic changes, I'm working on documentation at the moment that hopefully will make using the synth a bit easier as some of the features are not that obvious, selecting destination routes for modulation example.


  1. Nice addition ! Presets are very important for synth's adoption by a larger audience. Keep up the good work !

  2. cheers, will add more soon and think of ways to categories them

  3. Looks good! I can't wait to use it on KXStudio... so far the only version has been without preset saving, but I'm looking forward to using this synth a lot now that patches can be saved/loaded. ;)


  4. Looks very promising! :-) One question: Is it stable in the meaning that a patch will sound the same as today if it's reopened in the future?


  5. Yes that's important to maintain backwards compatibility, it has been a learning curve and half way through development I did rewrite from scratch but don't intend to do that again for this synth, since then I've managed to add features without breaking patch compatibility and altering the sound.

  6. I see that you use qtractor too.
    I have a problem. In qtractor, the preset list is just a bunch of numbers, not the real presets. I asked Rui, the author, and he says it's because triceratops-lv2 doesn't play with the lv2_programs interface extension:

    Any chance you would fix this in a future version? The sidebar to select presets doesn't work either. That'd be good, as currently it's a pain to use the small floating window in qtractor with the preset list.

    Incredible work overall. Makes linux worthwhile for me. This synth sounds very close to u-he's diva, the gold standard for old analog emulators.

    Oh, btw, how do I get notified when the documentation is out? That'll be another killer feature :)

  7. The part about the lv2_programs extension is true and I'll work on that soon, the sidebar should work for now though but it's not exactly intuitive, especially to save a preset etc. I'll see if there's a newer version of qtractor that may not like my hacky coding, I see the preset part as temporary till it's implemented properly, also need a bigger set of sounds to come with it as default too, as soon as the docs are ready I'll link to them from the sourceforge page and from this blog,


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