Tuesday 3 January 2012

Busy working on a poly lV2 synth

Gratuitous waveform image

Another three oscillator affair (so I named it Triceratops) but this time not using wave tables and libsamplerate to repitch, but aargh maths, I already knew about aliasing from messing about trying to make a synth on an Atari ST years ago so I googled around to see how this is dealt with these days, I found a sine and square wave algorithm on DSP website I'm happy with for now, the sawtooth for some reason is a little slow (and very slightly off pitch for certain notes), and none of the above are really properly efficient but I'm concentrating more on quality at first, understanding all the BLITS and minBLEPS is beyond me, I'll keep reading and hopefully enough a (slight and vague) understanding will dawn on my punished brain, like a Cyrix 586 CPU running windows 7, the window will get draw, eventually. But what I lack in mathematical skill I nearly make up for in determination so this plugin will be completed one way or another.


  1. Hey Nick,

    Just built, fantastic stuff!!
    Was wondering where I should be submitting bugs / tickets? Tried SF & here but there seems no obvious place..?

    Cheers, -Harry

  2. on sourceforge yep, maybe it's not set up correctly? :oS

  3. Hmmm, logged in on SourceForge there, this is the tickets window:
    Don't seem to be able to create a new ticket... (or am i missing the obvious "New Ticket" button?)

    Perahps you could look into it? -Harry

  4. reading up on sourceforge to see how I set up ticket management, until then any issues can be posted here Bo)


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