Saturday 18 February 2012

Triceratops V0.0.1 on sourceforge

Uploaded the first version of my polysynth Triceratops, it's lacking a lot of features it needs to become useful but it's operable and it's a start.


  1. Can't get any sound out of it via A3, and UI looks broken.

  2. erk that's how jalv display GUIs that use a background image, they must be using similar code in newer versions of ardour 3 now, I'll test it here

  3. Yes same problem here in Ardour beta 3, they've added preset buttons along the top and that's pushed background images down a line, should be able to place the background and widgets in a container of it's own within the main window to fix that. As for lack of sound I'm not sure what's going on there going to do some tests, Minaton now has the same broken GUI on Beta 3 as well but the sound at least does work still for that, would be easy to get pissed off about changes like this but it's all new ground with LV2, it'll settle in time.


Samplersaurus demo 2

  #vst #synthesizer #drum another quick demo of the drum synth I'm working ...