Friday 30 March 2012


I'm learning to not get too overly enthusiastic when selling the merits of Linux to people as when they come to try it there's a reasonable chance something at least one or two things will go wrong still, I have a passion for this OS and it's difficult to not spout on about how certain things work much better for me than than they do in windows, or how much nicer I find Gnome 3 than Windows 7 (let alone Win 8, which I haven't tried and yet still seem to hate.) it's time to be more grown up and realistic, yeah with humour and creativity childishness is great, but in this case some people prefer KDE or Unity, or Windows, and it's not our job to smash away at what other people enjoy, I even booted up into Windows for a while to prove to myself I'm not a total fanboy and I haven't forgotten how to use it, that didn't last long I soon felt constrained, bored and the experience was to me like using an OS stuck in the 1990s with a little more bling added, aargh stop, doing it again :o). It's time to develop patients with people, if they say they prefer windows, okay all and well and good, a gentle encouragement to try different Linux distros and persevere when things go wrong is in order, if you feel as I do that it's the best most flexible operating system ever created don't bang on about it, but rather sell it to new users as an alternate OS to tinker with when in the mood, underplaying is probably better in the long run than saying it's fantastic, meh why are you using that, chances are if anyone is curious enough to try it in the first place a growing interest will develop and they'll spend more and more time in Linux, and the ones that get away, well there's always the future, but we're not a cult trying to convert people just trying to pass on our enthusiasm for free open source software.  I'm going to try to spend a bit more time in Windows (probably once or twice a week) just to see how things are developing so I'm not stuck in a cul-de-sac, all's there to learn from, and to be fair there is a lot more music software for windows than linux, so a huge pool of GUI styles and ideas to imbibe.

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