Wednesday 21 March 2012

I've been installing slackware

I've been installing slackware 13.37 today, I ran into problems but that's all part of the fun. the old laptop I used only had a cdrom and I only had blank DVDs so I decided to try installing from a boot CD and a memory stick, on the stick I put an ISO image of the DVD version, fingers crossed this will work, it's really just an exercise in getting to be more familiar with the inner workings of Linux, a problem I encountered was overheating during install and the laptop would just cut out and switch off, this was avoided by raising the whole unit up off the desk to increase airflow underneath.

to find the device of a usb stick you can use:- dmesg | grep sd, and somewhere near the bottom you will see the name to include when using mount:-

mkdir /media
mkdir /media/usb
mount /dev/sdXX /media/usb

to mount a ISO image from terminal:-

mkdir /media/cdrom
mount -o loop image.iso /media/cdrom

then it was a matter of typing setup, selecting the swap, partitions for /home and /usr, then choosing source, in this case selecting hardrive location and pointing to /media/cdrom where I had mounted the ISO image.

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