Monday 5 March 2012

Half way there / gnome 3 classic mode

I haven't been too lazy I have been working on my synth plugin honest, added a better LED display system and PW modulation, patches, will upload v0.0.2 soon after I've worked out a way to make it run properly on Ardour.

At the moment I've been running Gnome 3 in classic mode and have to say it's come a long way since the first glitchy versions I tried a while back, it's now very stable and behaves just like gnome 2 and is extremely fast, even my web browser is much faster than when it's running with gnome shell, not really sure of the reasons for this. I think as it's progressed this much every Gnome 3 based distro should have the option to default to gnome shell or gnome classic on the install page, also compiz works perfectly too, I havent found a debian sid package for emerald to test that out.

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