Wednesday 11 January 2012

Triceratops - (Very) Unfinished GUI

This is running in Jalv, very occasional memory errors on closing, not clear if this is my plugin or Jalv, it doesn't occur in Zynjacku, but runs stably on all hosts I've tried so far (again slow GTK on Qtractor though) will try to work it out tomorrow.


  1. Looks good ! Needs some labels, though. What are those sliders for ?

  2. Left ones are oscillator waveform and fine tuning, right ones are ADSR envelope and LFO, thinking of putting three LFOs in this one, should give it some interesting texures. Not sure how to place the labels yet on Minaton I put them in as part of the image skin, but jalv positions this in a different place to every other host I've tried for some reason. Wonder if there's a way to detect which host the plugin is running from and adjust accordingly.

  3. My best would be that it shouldn't be necessary to come up with workarounds but then again I'm not a programmer. It just wouldn't make any sense to come up with a new standard that's just not standardized. Or Jalv is not compliant ;)

  4. it's not an ideal way to do things I agree, I think I can see why it happens maybe now, on jalv the window's extended a bit with some preset saving options, maybe the skin can be added as a separate background element not directly to the root window.


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