Saturday 20 October 2012

Triceratops V0.1.0 uploaded

Triceratops V0.1.0 uploaded! tested with Jalv, Qtractor and Ardour 3 beta 3~5. No longer works for Zynjacku unfortunately if you wish to continue using triceratops with zynjacku stick to versions below 0.0.6.


  1. Hi, it's not working here. If I run from my commandline:


    I'm getting:

    JACK Name: Triceratops - Subtractive Synthesizer
    MIDI buffers: 32768 bytes
    Echo buffer initialised at 65536

    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Glib::FileError'

    (and more messages)

    and the program terminates. No triceratops.
    Don't have this problem with the older triceratops releases.

  2. Okay thanks for the feedback much appreciated, this error may mean the logo png file isn't where the plugin expects it to be, when you type sudo ./waf install, you should see where the files are being copied, cd there and see if logo.png is present. On my system it installs to /usr/local/lib/lv2/triceratops.lv2/

  3. hmm. I did "./waf configure --prefix=/usr" and "sudo ./waf install" copied everything to /usr/lib/lv2/triceratops.lv2 and that's where I can see logo.png

    What to try now?

  4. it seems to have been looking in the default lv2 path, with any luck this update fixes the issue, it now works for me when I use ./waf configure --prefix=/usr or just plain ./waf configure, the update just uploaded here:-

  5. Sorry, still not right. I think you have tested from within your triceratops development work directory? It was working for me too when I did that. But after I did "cd" back to my home directory, the same error message re-appeared. Maybe triceratops is looking in both /urs/local/lib/lv2 and the current directory (./) , but not in /usr/lib/lv2 where everything was installed on my system after ./waf configure --prefix=/usr ?

    For now I have simply changed the file triceratops_gui.cpp to search for logo.png in /usr/lib/lv2/triceratops.lv2 instead of /usr/local/lib/lv2/....
    This hack makes things work for me, but maybe you think about a proper fix.

  6. I did some more trying. It's even worse. My hack does not help at all: I have experienced that triceratops only finds logo.png in the current (pwd) directory, wherever that is ...

  7. ha yes you're right that's exactly what I did doh, it was loading from the current directory, okay I will work on this.

  8. okay I made a vaguely cludgy fix and also now even if it can't find the file it behaves in a more graceful way (IE still runs and just leaves a blank space where the logo should be.)


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