Friday 20 September 2013

Triceratops studio (a work in progress)

I'm making some progress and have the core sequencer coded for Triceratops studio, all it does yet is trigger midi and play audio files at the correct tempo, the timing is solid so that's a good start, Tracks can contain either audio or midi or a mix of the two, block sequences can be overlapped, I want to keep things simple and fun this isn't going to be some huge DAW, but it will be a little bit like Reason in that it'll have a built in rack of different kinds of synths, effects and modules. Here it's triggering Triceratops running as an LV2 in jalv, next I need to build triceratops into it as a rack object, eventually I'll add rack objects containing LV2/Ladspa/VST plug ins but meh we'll see, I have lots of ideas but need to think about design I don't want it to turn  into a confused mish mash as my previous attempts began to. I want it to offer something different as there are already some very good sequencers for Linux (My favourites are Qtractor, LMMS and Ardour) I like the idea of an environment that encourages live changes and on the fly edits, real time interaction in different ways, intuitive features like midi learn to modulate parameters that don't require going deep into dialogues and menus, and plenty of visual feedback, before I do any more I need to get some old fashioned pen and paper out and work on ideas, as always any suggestions are very welcome.

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