Tuesday 6 August 2013

Triceratops LV2 update soon, new project: Triceratops studio - alpha version will appear in a few weeks I hope

I'm working on a stand alone sequencer / synth rack at the moment with emphasis on modern simplicity, working title is Triceratops studio, I had started a while ago but using FLTK which I just found unmanageable in the end so it was abandoned, the new one will be custom GTK widgets (sorry qt fans just what I'm used to for the moment) everything will be integrated (triceratops poly synth, stegosaurus analogue style drum synth, a sampler) with plugins added at a later date, the main task is to get something usable up and running that's user friendly, simple to use and simple to code for and extend (e.g. a 3D gui could be added later as an alternative) it'll use jack and jackmidi but nothing else to begin with until I've worked out how to host LV2 / LADSPA etc, I'm focused and I want to tackle this project I've wanted to do for a long time grrrrrrrrrrrrrr :o) Will be uploading a new version of triceratops shortly with fixes and additions:- Patch categories Reasonably more CPU efficient Widgets have scroll wheel control More default patches Nicer sounding envelopes ( they had some zippering, now they are updated per frame they sound cleaner) Sound no longer cuts out with effects (I hope anyway, this has been a recurring bug)

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  1. Everything sounds exciting (and lots of work too)!



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